Htaccess redirect adding query string encoding

images htaccess redirect adding query string encoding

However, this requires Apache 2. I have another workaround that's workable at the moment - instead of urlencoding params, I base encode them. Fortunately, you've dropped that. The error I get is a The match is case-insensitive, so that. Thank you.

  • mod rewrite Redirect to encoded URL parameter using mod_rewrite in .htaccess Server Fault
  • – mod_rewrite fails to correctly deal with URLS that have escapes in them
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  • Redirect (mod_alias) matches against the %-decoded path. Also, you can't match the query string with this directive, so it's best to use.

    Try matching against the actual request instead of the decoded URI: Options + FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine On RewriteCond. The characters: and / don't need to be URL encoded when they appear in the query string part of the URL. But if you were to properly URL.
    Sign up using Email and Password. But some specific characters within the query string must be escaped, though such as spaces.

    I'm trying to avoid this being a me-too report, so here is a thoroughly unpleasant workaround: if you double-urlencode the incoming parameter, you end up with the string you were expecting in the output pattern.

    images htaccess redirect adding query string encoding

    Use of the [NS] flag prevents the rule from being used on subrequests. The target or substitution string in a RewriteRule is assumed to be a file path, by default.

    mod rewrite Redirect to encoded URL parameter using mod_rewrite in .htaccess Server Fault

    I've updated my answer, assuming the URL is absolute with protocol.

    images htaccess redirect adding query string encoding
    The PT flag implies the L flag: rewriting will be stopped in order to pass the request to the next phase of processing.

    BTW, it is a mess for me to understand what is received as encoded and then displayed or processed as decoded or viceversa from both client and server. Since escaping is the problem, allegedly, it should work if I omit the query from the eventual URL, right? Featured on Meta. However, if it does not match, then the next rule, and any other rules that are chained together, are skipped.

    images htaccess redirect adding query string encoding

    That's not to say that they MUST be ignored, though, as I thought I'd explained that encoded characters can be readily altered by matching within regular expressions by including the ACTUAL character within a character range definition.

    You need to explicity remove it with either the QSD (Query String are URL encoded then Apache will not see this as an absolute URL and it.

    Third, why does it matter whether the query string is encoded like that? If I add www. the URI returns the first one and the thread is displayed In this particular case there's no query string because Apache does not recognize '?', there's only. Adds escaping-functionality to backreferences ( KB, patch) . If we force a redirect, the query string should remain untouched from any.

    – mod_rewrite fails to correctly deal with URLS that have escapes in them

    in ss file or vhost // accept letters, plus signs and encoded plus signs.
    What exactly is a typical value for the redirect URL param? Use this flag to indicate that the current rule should be applied immediately without considering further rules.

    Problem persists Thank you! I realize this is not a help forum, but I would sure appreciate some input. The main difference is that this doesn't touch the query string. Using the [QSA] flag causes the query strings to be combined. For example, the following snippet used in per-server context allows.

    images htaccess redirect adding query string encoding
    This also provides useful enabling functionality.

    RewriteRule Flags Apache HTTP Server Version

    My workaround is rather nasty see the Insurrection project and requires some tricks in both the rewrite rule and the way the CGI parameters are processed and thus reprocessed after applying the fixup code A very ugly workaround that does not really cover the general case.

    Adds escaping-functionality to backreferences 6.

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    Viewed 2k times. Thank you, M.

    With the B flag set on this same rule, the parameters are re-encoded before being The "-" rewrite target tells mod_rewrite to pass the request through. An alternative maximum number of iterations can be specified by adding to the N flag. User Agent Class · XML-RPC and XML-RPC Server Classes · Zip Encoding Class Rather than using the standard “query string” approach to URLs that is you can easily remove this file by using ss file with some simple rules.

    the “negative” method in which everything is redirected except the specified items. When query string contains an url encoded parameter such as. ss before appending it to the cache URL in the RewriteRule.
    I'd describe the problem differently - it's as if the matched subpattern has urldecode applied to it before it is passed to the output pattern.

    RewriteRule directives naturally chain together, the output of one is used as the input of the next, and so on. Featured on Meta.

    CodeIgniter URLs — CodeIgniter documentation

    The working rule on a URL strips a query back to a redirect, eg. This is logical as it seems that the redirection is fully processed again unescaped and so on.

    This can be thought of as a goto statement in your rewrite ruleset.

    images htaccess redirect adding query string encoding
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    It is possible that as the rewritten request is handled, the.

    Sign up to join this community. This document discusses the flags which are available to the RewriteRule directive, providing detailed explanations and examples. FF URI: www. Marcianos, The point of my first post coding comment was that the. Some flags take one or more arguments.

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    1. Yes, I think handling this in a server-side script, rather than by Apache, would be better and safer. By default, the first left-most question mark in the substitution delimits the path from the query string.