Proposition 209 text

images proposition 209 text

To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Simpson verdict. Deis, a spokesman for Citizens for a Healthy Forest and Economy, a coalition of business and environmental groups, said, ''We are very pleased that the citizens of Maine rejected the extreme proposal to ban clear-cutting and supported the competing measure. Q: Will managers still need to be accountable for meeting affirmative action objectives? However, as indicated in the previous answer, UC is permitted to color, race, ethnicity, or gender if required pursuant to federal requirements. At the same time, Florida amended the state Constitution to require a two-thirds majority of voters to approve new taxes. In Florida, voters rejected a proposal to impose a tax of one penny on each pound of raw sugar grown in the Everglades region.

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    Proposition Text of Proposed Law. This initiative measure is submitted to the people in accordance with the provisions of Article II.

    Proposition is a California ballot proposition which, upon approval in Novemberamended the state constitution to prohibit state.

    images proposition 209 text

    Proposition was on the November 5, general election ballot in California as an initiated constitutional amendment, where it was. Text of measure.
    Among Maine residents voting on the issue, 47 percent expressed support for a competing measure that would reduce but not ban clear-cutting.

    The measure was one of 90 initiatives put to voters across the country on Tuesday. Wilson had hoped to use it to mobilize support for Republicans in the election. Pacelle, vice president of the Humane Society of the United States, said ,''This is a strong rejection of inhumane and unsportsmanlike hunting practices that inflict needless suffering on animals,'' he said. Section 2.

    images proposition 209 text
    Proposition 209 text
    Supplemental effort could include sending job announcements to minority and women's organizations.

    Angus King, who said the plan would have cost the state thousands of jobs. Wayne P. In California, Gov. It will be put on the ballot in a future election. Atkinson, president of the University of California, said the university ''will comply with the law.

    images proposition 209 text

    The Arizona measure says that any doctor licensed to practice in the state may prescribe marijuana to treat a disease or to relieve the pain and suffering of a patient who is seriously or terminally ill.

    In November an overwhelming majority of California citizens approved Propositionwhich is now known under the law as Article I, Section 31 of the.

    clause of Propositionpreferences in public employment, contracting and . of Federal Domestic Assistance may provide a similar list. return to text. 5. See. The full text of Propositionas enacted in the Califor- mation concerning Propositionincluding the full text of the initiative and Ballot.
    A: Good faith efforts can be demonstrated by supplementing existing outreach and recruitment efforts to include qualified minorities and women in applicant pools, to promote opportunities to participate in employee training and development programs, and to provide equal opportunity to compete for positions.

    Wildlife and the Environment In Florida, voters rejected a proposal to impose a tax of one penny on each pound of raw sugar grown in the Everglades region. Affirmative action refers to specific efforts undertaken by the University, such as supplemental recruitment, designed to promote equal employment opportunity and to create diverse pools of applicants for University positions.

    So for national politicians, there do not seem to be great benefits in pursuing the issue. Q: In general, what are the modifications that should be made to the University's hiring practices as a result of Proposition and Regents' Resolution SP-2? Effective January 1,the University of California shall not use race, religion, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin as criteria in its employment and contracting practices.

    images proposition 209 text
    Proposition 209 text
    California and Arizona voted to legalize the use of marijuana as medicine to combat nausea or alleviate pain, and in California supporters celebrated by smoking marijuana cigarettes.

    The new constitutional amendment permits "action which must be taken to establish or maintain eligibility for any federal program, where ineligibility would result in loss of federal funds to the state.

    So for national politicians, there do not seem to be great benefits in pursuing the issue. Q: Are there any situations in which race, religion, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin can be considered? This measure, the Compact for Maine's Forests, was developed by timber companies and some environmental groups, with support from Mr.

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    1. A: UC must use race- or gender-neutral criteria in its employment practices. A: The provisions apply to UC academic and staff employees and applicants for employment.

    2. They could not have competed with producers in other states and foreign countries. However, a candidate may not be selected because of his or her race or gender.